Things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day!

💖 How To Spend Valentines’ Day If You’re Single 💖

Here are five ways you can spend Valentines’ Day alone if you don’t already have plans:

1. Grab a friend a fake your way through the Valentines Couple Deals. 

Discounted dinner for two? 50% off a couple’s massage? The employees don’t need to know that you’re not actually dating…

2. Enjoy a netflix Marathon of all your favourite romantic comedies. 

All that’s left to do now is buy your favourite ice-cream, put on some matching Pj’s ad it’s the perfect, cosy, indoor date!

3. Treat yourself! 

Go do whatever you feel like doing that day. Want to a buy some new clothes in the sales? Do it. Want to order a takeaway? Do it. Wanna stay in and just watch TV? Do it.

4. Treat it like any other day!

Treat it like any other Thursday, because it is!

5. and Look forward to tomorrow!

…Because all Valentines chocolate will be 50% off!

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Staying healthy at uni: Campbell Property’s 10 Top Tips

It’s tricky to find a balance between having fun and keeping fit during your years as a student. Now we have all heard of the term “freshers 15”. So perhaps you are looking for some tips on how to battle the bulge, or maybe you are just looking for ways to improve your wellbeing. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 10 tips for staying healthy at uni…


And by this we mean water, not jaeger bombs. Studies have shown that a 2-3 litre intake of water per day increases brain function, aids weight loss and helps keep skin clear. Replenishing fluids after a night out is also the best way to kick a hangover.

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Join a cheap gym

When it comes to joining a gym at uni, it’s really a no brainer. There are heaps of student deals and with lots of free time during the week, 2-3 sessions per week is an attainable goal. Taking regular exercise battles bulge, boosts serotonin and reduces guilt when an inevitable trip to Nandos arises.

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Meal Prep

We all know how tempting it can be to just grab a double cheeseburger on the go, but preparing your meals in advance can ensure that you stay on track with getting in vital nutrients for the day, keeping you fuller for longer and keeping your calories in check as well as saving money!

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Limit Takeaways

Dominos, chinese, indian, kebabs… the list of temptations are endless. However did you know that the average takeaway contains in excess of 1000 calories! Try limiting takeaways to one a month. This way you can savour the taste of your favourite fried chicken, while maintaining a healthier diet.

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Alcohol is an inevitable part of student life, so why not switch up your high calorie cocktails for a vodka lime & soda. With 64 calories per drink, you can afford to splurge a little more! Also why not try an alcohol free night every once in a while, it’ll save on the pennies, waistline and laughing at the state of your friends can be surprisingly fun!

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Buddy Up

It’s always easier to stay motivated when you are keeping fit with a friend! Find someone who is interested in staying active too. This will help to ensure that you make it to those early morning classes and avoid those sugary supermarket treats. Why not share a cheat meal/snack at the end of each week to reward yourselves and to have something to work towards.

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Get your steps up

Uni can involve A LOT of sitting. From the lecture hall to the bus, library and then sofa after a long day. Leaving a few minutes early and walking to lectures or going for a walk in between study sessions can dramatically improve your energy. It will also affect your ability to concentrate and will burn a few extra calories. Calories that will probably be consumed in liquid form that night!

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Get involved

At every University there are countless opportunities to get active. Through group sports, dance classes, cheerleading clubs, the list goes on… At the start of each academic year why not challenge yourself to try one new class, or join a group, helping to get fit but in a fun way! Perhaps plate spinning floats your boat, or preparing for a zombie apocalypse – there’s a society to suit all interests!

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Boost your immune system

Sickness bugs and illness can often spread through a university campus like wildfire. Make sure you are taking the right steps to avoid catching the germs! Try eating plenty of colourful fruit and vegetables, as they provide a good source of vitamins, which can help to boost immunity. Looking into and taking a multivitamin is an easier way to top up your intake! Drinking water, exercising regularly and a sensible sleeping pattern are also factors to take into consideration…

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Sleep Routine

It’s important to get a good amount of sleep each night, however there is definitely such a thing as too much sleep. Students can often fall into the habit of oversleeping, due to the amount of free time they have in the week. However try to stick to a sensible sleeping pattern to avoid feeling lethargic, groggy and out of sync. Typically, 8-10 hours suits the average person, so aim for establishing a routine that allows for this!

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There are 6 types of housemate, which one are you?

They say you never really know someone until you live with them, and chances are you’re going to come across each of these types of housemate during your time at uni. In fact, you might even be one of them…

Clean Freak

Left a cup out on the side? Failed to change the loo roll? Kitchen bin overflowing? Yep, you’ll definitely be hearing from the houses’ clean freak about that. They’re the ones stressing over spilt cocktails at pre-drinks, muddy shoes on the carpet and unscraped food in the dishwasher. But if they’re happy to do it, who are we to complain?

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You might catch a glimpse of the house hermit once, maybe twice a week at a push. It will be late on a Friday night and they have just realised it’s been 5 whole days without food. They stock red bull in their bedroom and live predominantly on packet noodles. You’re not sure which subject they are studying, because they have never been spotted at a lecture. The house hermit looks like they could use a hot shower, and perhaps a journey into the sunlight ASAP.

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Michelin Star Chef

Now there’s always that one guy or gal who honestly thinks they are competing in the Masterchef semi-finals when cooking dinner. 3 courses, 37 different ingredients and 4 hours later dinner is served, while the kitchen looks like a bomb has just hit. You go to grab your saucepan for your baked beans but, oh, the pan is already in use – bubbling away to create a red wine reduction you are told. Reaching for the frying pan instead, and – what’s that, a venison steak is gently frying, benefiting from the non-stick pan you bought merely two weeks ago. Chinese take-away it is then.

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Party Animal

Can usually be found on the sofa, having not made it up to bed the night before. The houses’ party animal is notorious for attending every big club night of the week without fail. They are also best mates with the bouncers, the chicken shop guys know their order and they sometimes get them helping serve other customers for banter. If you’re looking for a wild night, look no further than the party animal.

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Obsessive Studier

This is the person that stresses you out the most. They lie about not doing the reading (they’ve read it 4 times), they’ve always started their essays super early and work a 9-5 shift in the library – probably clocking in more hours than the librarian herself. They listen to Classic FM, dress in comfortable yet practical outfits for optimum studying and eat a well balanced diet, instead of downing Lucozade Orange and Custard Creams at 2am the day before the deadline like the rest of us.

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Health Nut

WE GET IT. You like the gym. The house health nut is potentially the most annoying of them all. Stacks of protein on top of the fridge, gross smelling green smoothies and too much chicken to be healthily consumed by one person. They’re up at the crack of dawn to get to their bootcamp class, constantly in workout clothes and just love to tell you about their new PBs. We’ll just stick to Prosecco and Tangfastics thanks.

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Best Places For Christmas Shopping In Leicester

Best Places For Christmas Shopping In Leicester

It’s that time of the year again when we’re all thinking of the presents we’re going to have to buy for our family and friends. But hay don’t let Christmas shopping stress you out! Why not use this handy list to make sure you find something perfect for everyone and get into the Christmas spirit yourself!

Christmas Farmers Market

Gallowtree Gate, Wednesday 17th December, Thursday 18th December

Great local produce for all the foodies and remember to keep cheese in the fridge and not under the tree… 

Leicester Vintage and Old Toy Shop

1-3 Odeon Arcade

Stocking collectables from the 1950s to the 1980s, because we’ve all got that one toy nerd in the family that would love something from here.

John Lewis

2 Bath Lane

For when you want a hassle-free experience with everything you could possibly want under one roof.


43 Francis Street

Beautiful gifts from British designers and independent businesses. You’ll be sure to find something special in this lovely little shop.

Clarendon Park Christmas Fair

Sunday 4th December

Crafts, gifts and home made foods. Keep an eye out for Archer’s hog roast to keep the shopping energy levels up…

Le Maison de Sacs

 38 Francis Street

A beautiful collection of specialist designer handbags, for when you want to splash the cash on someone special (hint to all the boyfriends out there).


 5 Shires LaneWith a collection of over 100 shops, this is

With a collection of over 100 shops, this is the perfect place to go to if you just want to walk around all day and tick everything off in one go! (Plus you can sneak in a trip to the cinema).


36 Market Street

5 floors of premium shopping heaven. You’ll find everything from cosmetics to confectionery, but make sure yourself set a budget first! The two restaurants can be pretty tempting.

Happy Christmas shopping! And don’t forget to set a budget and write a list of everyone you need to buy something for to avoid that classic Christmas Eve panic

10 reasons why learning to drive at Uni is terrible

Hot Fuzz
Getting up for a morning driving lesson after a night out = THE worst

1. Your friends mercilessly mock you for not learning to drive at 17

2. You had to cancel your lesson for being hungover… AGAIN

3. You spend your summer holiday learning, and then a year passes and you’re awful again

4. Your instructor will try and make polite chit chat about your degree when really you wish they’d tell you how to turn the wipers off

5. You see everyone you know and will inevitably see a Facebook post with your hands in the 2 and 10 position

6. You come back from your lesson and talk to your friends how pleased you are for only stalling twice, and then they laugh in your face, forgetting the hours they spent mastering the clutch

7. Having to turn down a night out to save money for your next lesson will leave you with mega FOMO

8. You struggle through the highway code to pass your theory test, only to find all of your driving uni friends don’t know what half of it means – is this really necessary?!

9. When you fail the first time you basically feel like giving up…

10. But when you finally pass you feel like you’re now part of the elite drivers club… Where’s the next road trip headed?