Best Places For Christmas Shopping In Leicester

Best Places For Christmas Shopping In Leicester

It’s that time of the year again when we’re all thinking of the presents we’re going to have to buy for our family and friends. But hay don’t let Christmas shopping stress you out! Why not use this handy list to make sure you find something perfect for everyone and get into the Christmas spirit yourself!

Christmas Farmers Market

Gallowtree Gate, Wednesday 17th December, Thursday 18th December

Great local produce for all the foodies and remember to keep cheese in the fridge and not under the tree… 

Leicester Vintage and Old Toy Shop

1-3 Odeon Arcade

Stocking collectables from the 1950s to the 1980s, because we’ve all got that one toy nerd in the family that would love something from here.

John Lewis

2 Bath Lane

For when you want a hassle-free experience with everything you could possibly want under one roof.


43 Francis Street

Beautiful gifts from British designers and independent businesses. You’ll be sure to find something special in this lovely little shop.

Clarendon Park Christmas Fair

Sunday 4th December

Crafts, gifts and home made foods. Keep an eye out for Archer’s hog roast to keep the shopping energy levels up…

Le Maison de Sacs

 38 Francis Street

A beautiful collection of specialist designer handbags, for when you want to splash the cash on someone special (hint to all the boyfriends out there).


 5 Shires LaneWith a collection of over 100 shops, this is

With a collection of over 100 shops, this is the perfect place to go to if you just want to walk around all day and tick everything off in one go! (Plus you can sneak in a trip to the cinema).


36 Market Street

5 floors of premium shopping heaven. You’ll find everything from cosmetics to confectionery, but make sure yourself set a budget first! The two restaurants can be pretty tempting.

Happy Christmas shopping! And don’t forget to set a budget and write a list of everyone you need to buy something for to avoid that classic Christmas Eve panic

10 reasons why learning to drive at Uni is terrible

Hot Fuzz
Getting up for a morning driving lesson after a night out = THE worst

1. Your friends mercilessly mock you for not learning to drive at 17

2. You had to cancel your lesson for being hungover… AGAIN

3. You spend your summer holiday learning, and then a year passes and you’re awful again

4. Your instructor will try and make polite chit chat about your degree when really you wish they’d tell you how to turn the wipers off

5. You see everyone you know and will inevitably see a Facebook post with your hands in the 2 and 10 position

6. You come back from your lesson and talk to your friends how pleased you are for only stalling twice, and then they laugh in your face, forgetting the hours they spent mastering the clutch

7. Having to turn down a night out to save money for your next lesson will leave you with mega FOMO

8. You struggle through the highway code to pass your theory test, only to find all of your driving uni friends don’t know what half of it means – is this really necessary?!

9. When you fail the first time you basically feel like giving up…

10. But when you finally pass you feel like you’re now part of the elite drivers club… Where’s the next road trip headed?

10 Obscure Career Options


Obscure Careers
Paper Tower Sniffer… an absorbing career choice!

We know you probably get enough people talking to you about your careers and what you’re going to do when you leave University, and it’s hard to figure it out! Mostly because a lot of us just don’t even know what’s out there… Here’s a list of really bizarre career choices you probably didn’t know existed. You know, just in case you needed some inspiration.

1. Professional snuggler

Kinda like prostitution but not really? Plus it pays well…

2. Golf ball divers

Key skills include: enjoying treasure hunting and not being scared of alligators.

3. Paper towel sniffer

Because paper towels need to be odourless and paper towel companies need employ people to keep up their quality control in this area.

4. Professional bridesmaid

Undercover “bridesmaids” offer personal assistant services for the bride – if the job involves a pretty dress why not?

5. Iceberg movers

International Ice Patrol (IIP) was founded the year after Titanic sunk to track the locations of icebergs and move them if necessary – seems quite smart TBH.

6. Pet food tester

Because obviously humans know what dogs like the taste of…?

7. Chicken Sexer

They’re hired by commercial hatcheries to determine the sex of a chick. Apparently it’s quite hard and their skills rely heavily on intuition.

8. Fortune cookie writer

Yep, some writer out there could be determining your future right now.

9. Cool hunter

These people spend their days trying to track down the next big thing, there’s big money to be made here…

10. Dog Surfing Instructor

YES YES YES. I have found my calling.

Expectation vs. Reality: Your first week back at University

First week back
All of these University-related objects just happened to be positioned like this.

Every year we return to University with high expectations of our own behaviour, however the reality is not quite as productive or as adventurous as we would hope…


Expectation: I’m soooo ready for whatever this term throws at me
Trying to get bikini ready - Imgur

Reality: Maybe it’s best if I just stay in bed…


Expectation: Oh hey there
Me trying to flirt after binge-watching the entire series of New Girl - Imgur


Uni work:

Expectation: I love to learn

Reality: Why oh why did I pick Statistics as a module


Expectation: Mmm I’m going to be so healthy this term #newme

Reality: Ok now I remember why I put on so much weight last year

Going out:

Expectation: When squad hits the dance floor

Reality: Waking your housemates up after the first night out


Ultimate Storage Hacks

It’s time to get creative!

Brush off your DIY skills and start saving your space by using our top storage hacks. You’ll be amazed how these great tricks could make all the difference. Welcome to your new, uncluttered life…

Jewellery Storage

Avoid spending a fortune on a fancy jewellery box and get innovative instead! Use an ice cube tray to store jewellery – this is so smart and will help avoid getting all your necklaces tangled (something we dread). (Brit + Co)


Vintage Cans

Re-use and recycle your old cans and tins as a nifty way to hold pens, pencils and scissors – you can paint and decorate the tins to match your room to give it that stylish touch. (Brit + Co)


Spice Jars

Fasten a magnet onto the bottom of a small jam jar, fill with spices and stick it on the fridge! This is a brilliant way to de-clutter kitchen worktops from unnecessary spice racks, whilst simultaneously keeping seasoning well within reach (Brit + Co)


Earphone Separator

A wooden peg is great (and very cheap way) for stopping your earphones getting tangled in a drawer or in your bag. Why haven’t we been doing this all along? (She Knows)


Shoe Rack

Before you recycle that old wine box, you may have another use for it- they work amazingly as shoe storage! It is a nifty way to separate your shoes and keep them all in one place (it is a good excuse to drink more wine) (Buzzfeed)


Drawer Organisers

Shoe boxes as drawer organisers – now you can separate all your small items to make it easier to find what you’re looking for (Buzzfeed)


Kitchen Storage Savers

Keep your bigger utensils in a jar on the counter instead of cluttering your cutlery drawers – we all know how frustrating it is when the drawer gets jammed due to being too full! (Cute DIY Projects)


Desk Organisers

Is your desk cluttered with pens, highlighters and reams of revision notes? Clearing your space couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve finished your strawberries, grab the packaging and spray paint the basket to transform it into a funky desk organiser (Life Hack)


Fridge Separators

If you’re struggling to fit all your food into your allocated fridge shelf – try some desk organisers to maximise space (Life Hack)


Nail Polish Rack

A spice rack is a cute way of displaying and organising all your nail polishes (Life Buzz)


Make-Up Brush Storage

Big fan of luxury candles but never sure what to do with the jar? Storing your makeup brushes in it will keep them out of the way but within easy reach (Arianna Belle)


Now we’ve given you some inspiration – it’s time to start creating some fantastic things!