Welcome to The Park! Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Welcome to The Park in Sheffield! Situated next to the beautifully scenic Norfolk Park, minutes from the city centre and bustling with a student community – you’ll find everything you need for the perfect student living set-up. Let us tell you a bit more…

Recently Renovated

Each house at The Park has recently undergone a renovation, meaning that you’ll find modern interiors, excellent amenities (such as dishwashers & washer dryers), TVs, spacious living areas and double bedrooms in every property. Each house has been fully fitted with high spec furnishings and decor – we’re pretty sure you’re going to love them!

Amazing Prices

Prices at The Park start from £75 per week, which even includes all bills – gas, water, electricity & WiFi! At Campbell Property we do not charge admin fees, or even ask for a deposit if you have a UK based guarantor. We just simply ask for a £250 holding fee which is then taken off the first instalment of your rental payments. Helping you to secure a student property without breaking the bank!

Tight Knit Community

The Park only rents its homes to students, creating a lovely student community and providing lots of opportunities to meet new people! Pre-drink at your friends houses, have movie nights together in the common room, and travel in to town together on the free shuttle bus. 

Shuttle Bus

Yes, you read that right – a free shuttle bus runs from The Park into town every hour, so no need to rush in the mornings or carry an umbrella during the winter months! Relax with your friends, or perhaps finish skimming the reading for class that morning…


With close proximity to supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Asda, a branch of “The Gym”, a tram stop, the town centre and very importantly a McDonald’s – The Park is in the perfect location for all of your needs. Just a short stroll away is also Norfolk Park – lovely in all seasons, the park provides an incredible view of Sheffield. Enjoy a picnic there in the spring, or a crisp walk in Autumn.

A Range Of House Sizes

With 3-6 bedroom properties available at The Park, you can afford to be flexible when selecting your group size! Chill out in a group of 3, or party it up in a 6 bed – whichever suits you just let us know.  

Please follow the link to see more, or feel free to give us a call on 0344 880 2222:


5 Reasons why you’ll love renting with Campbell Property

Still looking for a property next year? Or perhaps you’ve already reserved a property with us and would like to be reminded of what you can look forward to this September! Here are just 5 reasons why you’ll love renting with Campbell Property…

All bills are included

Yep, that’s right – all gas, water, electricity and wifi are included in the rental cost. This means that you and your friends can spend time bickering over who didn’t load the dishwasher correctly, instead of having to work out the bills at the end of each month.

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Although you may have grown fond of the off-beige walls and questionably stained carpets in halls, you might just prefer the boutique interiors of our properties. With plenty of colour, wall art and soft cream carpets – we’re pretty sure you’ll feel right at home.

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No deposit

Fancy keeping hold of your cash? With our no deposit scheme, this ensures just that. If you have a UK-based guarantor we do not require a deposit, but instead simply ask for a £250 holding fee which is then taken off the first instalment of your rental payments. Helping you to secure a student property without breaking the bank!

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Our properties can be found in the heart of every student city. Kingsway House in Portsmouth can be found just off trendy Albert Road and is also only a 10 minute walk to the uni Library. Bishops Blackall School is just a 10 minute walk from the city centre and University. While The Park in Sheffield runs a free shuttle bus into town every hour. Meaning you can hit that snooze button and still make it to lectures!

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Double Beds

So long to stingy single beds, and hello to doubles in all of our rooms in every city! There’s nothing better than star-fishing after a busy day, having the ultimate lie-in after a late night, or just be able to watch a movie and have room for your Dominos too.

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There are 6 types of housemate, which one are you?

They say you never really know someone until you live with them, and chances are you’re going to come across each of these types of housemate during your time at uni. In fact, you might even be one of them…

Clean Freak

Left a cup out on the side? Failed to change the loo roll? Kitchen bin overflowing? Yep, you’ll definitely be hearing from the houses’ clean freak about that. They’re the ones stressing over spilt cocktails at pre-drinks, muddy shoes on the carpet and unscraped food in the dishwasher. But if they’re happy to do it, who are we to complain?

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You might catch a glimpse of the house hermit once, maybe twice a week at a push. It will be late on a Friday night and they have just realised it’s been 5 whole days without food. They stock red bull in their bedroom and live predominantly on packet noodles. You’re not sure which subject they are studying, because they have never been spotted at a lecture. The house hermit looks like they could use a hot shower, and perhaps a journey into the sunlight ASAP.

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Michelin Star Chef

Now there’s always that one guy or gal who honestly thinks they are competing in the Masterchef semi-finals when cooking dinner. 3 courses, 37 different ingredients and 4 hours later dinner is served, while the kitchen looks like a bomb has just hit. You go to grab your saucepan for your baked beans but, oh, the pan is already in use – bubbling away to create a red wine reduction you are told. Reaching for the frying pan instead, and – what’s that, a venison steak is gently frying, benefiting from the non-stick pan you bought merely two weeks ago. Chinese take-away it is then.

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Party Animal

Can usually be found on the sofa, having not made it up to bed the night before. The houses’ party animal is notorious for attending every big club night of the week without fail. They are also best mates with the bouncers, the chicken shop guys know their order and they sometimes get them helping serve other customers for banter. If you’re looking for a wild night, look no further than the party animal.

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Obsessive Studier

This is the person that stresses you out the most. They lie about not doing the reading (they’ve read it 4 times), they’ve always started their essays super early and work a 9-5 shift in the library – probably clocking in more hours than the librarian herself. They listen to Classic FM, dress in comfortable yet practical outfits for optimum studying and eat a well balanced diet, instead of downing Lucozade Orange and Custard Creams at 2am the day before the deadline like the rest of us.

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Health Nut

WE GET IT. You like the gym. The house health nut is potentially the most annoying of them all. Stacks of protein on top of the fridge, gross smelling green smoothies and too much chicken to be healthily consumed by one person. They’re up at the crack of dawn to get to their bootcamp class, constantly in workout clothes and just love to tell you about their new PBs. We’ll just stick to Prosecco and Tangfastics thanks.

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House hunting around the exam period

We all know this time of year isn’t great. We’ve just had a nice break at home with our families, with loads of presents and sooo much food. Now we’re back to the reality of Uni life with all its ups and downs. Most of us have exams, which we probably didn’t revise for as much as we would’ve liked (blame the Christmas cheer). Looking for a house on top of this seems impossible, but fear not! Check out these handy tips to make January a breeze…

Work out who you want to live as soon as you can

This is often the hardest part of house hunting so working out the kinks and getting a solid group together early will save you so much stress.

Use any free time to discuss what’s important to everyone

Some people may be adamant they want to be a 10-minute walk from campus, whereas others might be super stubborn about having 2 fridges. Having these discussions over a group meal or a drink means everyone can have their voice heard, communication within your group is the key to smooth house hunting season.

Have a firm budget everyone agrees on

This is a tricky one, money can be a sensitive subject, but it’s arguably the most important thing to agree on. Try and do some research early on (i.e. before the late night cramming sessions start) so you have a good general idea of the prices that everyone is willing to pay. Remember to consider what you think is worth paying for, some people would pay extra for a dining table whereas others would pay for an extra bathroom, keeping this in mind while setting a budget will make the process of elimination a lot easier, we promise eventually you will find your perfect home.

Align everyone’s exam timetables in January

This may seem a bit extreme, but if you can work out slots when 2 or 3 of you are free for a day or an afternoon, you’ll make sure no one ends up wandering around looking at houses just before an exam. Organising yourselves well also means that it won’t be left to one person to do ALL your viewings, it’s a lot of pressure for one person and it’s important for everyone to be happy with the house before committing! A great time is just after an exam, for a bit of a break ( and a quick trip to the pub, because you know, you’ve been working so hard recently) before you get your head down for the next one.


The group chat is your friend even if the notifications do wake you up at ungodly hours every night for a month. If you’ve found a good house make sure you communicate all the key details like price and location and check that everyone’s happy before making any commitments to the landlord. Group chats are a great way to do this so everyone can communicate on the go. Don’t worry, you can turn off those notifications soon, only a few weeks of this madness left!

AAAAAnd relax

Once you’ve signed and sealed your house for next year and your exams are over, you can chill and enjoy the rest of the term without any stress, it’ll be back to hangovers every weekday and “ oh I don’t really need to go to that 9am” (Until that coursework deadline comes around…)

We’ve still got loads of stunning properties available in Leeds, Leicester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Portsmouth and Exeter. If you’d like to book a viewing, or even just have a chat about how to house hunt visit our website now http://bit.ly/2j4csk4