Ultimate Storage Hacks

It’s time to get creative!

Brush off your DIY skills and start saving your space by using our top storage hacks. You’ll be amazed how these great tricks could make all the difference. Welcome to your new, uncluttered life…

Jewellery Storage

Avoid spending a fortune on a fancy jewellery box and get innovative instead! Use an ice cube tray to store jewellery – this is so smart and will help avoid getting all your necklaces tangled (something we dread). (Brit + Co)


Vintage Cans

Re-use and recycle your old cans and tins as a nifty way to hold pens, pencils and scissors – you can paint and decorate the tins to match your room to give it that stylish touch. (Brit + Co)


Spice Jars

Fasten a magnet onto the bottom of a small jam jar, fill with spices and stick it on the fridge! This is a brilliant way to de-clutter kitchen worktops from unnecessary spice racks, whilst simultaneously keeping seasoning well within reach (Brit + Co)


Earphone Separator

A wooden peg is great (and very cheap way) for stopping your earphones getting tangled in a drawer or in your bag. Why haven’t we been doing this all along? (She Knows)


Shoe Rack

Before you recycle that old wine box, you may have another use for it- they work amazingly as shoe storage! It is a nifty way to separate your shoes and keep them all in one place (it is a good excuse to drink more wine) (Buzzfeed)


Drawer Organisers

Shoe boxes as drawer organisers – now you can separate all your small items to make it easier to find what you’re looking for (Buzzfeed)


Kitchen Storage Savers

Keep your bigger utensils in a jar on the counter instead of cluttering your cutlery drawers – we all know how frustrating it is when the drawer gets jammed due to being too full! (Cute DIY Projects)


Desk Organisers

Is your desk cluttered with pens, highlighters and reams of revision notes? Clearing your space couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve finished your strawberries, grab the packaging and spray paint the basket to transform it into a funky desk organiser (Life Hack)


Fridge Separators

If you’re struggling to fit all your food into your allocated fridge shelf – try some desk organisers to maximise space (Life Hack)


Nail Polish Rack

A spice rack is a cute way of displaying and organising all your nail polishes (Life Buzz)


Make-Up Brush Storage

Big fan of luxury candles but never sure what to do with the jar? Storing your makeup brushes in it will keep them out of the way but within easy reach (Arianna Belle)


Now we’ve given you some inspiration – it’s time to start creating some fantastic things!

How To Pack For Your Summer Travels

First job of packing: lay out all your items for the perfect Instagram snap

Here are our top tips to help you pack like a pro!

Essentials bag

Bring a little pouch to take with you on the flight or for just general easy access. Fill it with hand wipes, lip balm, tissues, earphones and painkillers. Trust us this is a really smart move.

Don’t bring the bling

Travelling is not the time to be worrying about losing your Tiffany necklace. Leave the expensive stuff at home and bring a few cheap bits to spruce up your outfits instead. Plus, you’ll definitely buy a load on the way!

Emergency fanciness

Even if you’re not planning on going on any fancy dinners, bringing a nice scarf for girls and a crease-free tie for boys can be a real lifesaver when you need to look a little bit smarter.

Stuff those shoes

Something your mum probably tells you to do, but this doesn’t mean it’s not super useful. Stuffing your shoes with socks and underwear will help them keep their shape as well as saving precious space.

Breathing room

Do not pack your suitcase totally full. You’ll definitely buy souvenirs on your travels and you don’t want to regret bringing something you didn’t need at all.


Pack layers of clothing instead of bulky coats and jumpers. It’s much more space efficient and means endless possibilities of mix and match outfits.

Label it

Make sure your bag has some kind of recognisable label or ribbon on it so you can spot it easily in a hurry. There’s nothing worse than eyeing up every black bag on the carousel trying to work out which one’s yours.

Minimum toiletries

Yes, they do have deodorant in other places in the world! Only bring toiletry essentials and pick up stuff along the way if you run out.

Freezer bag heaven

Separating all small items into individual freezer bags makes it much easier to find stuff. Put hair bands into one, medication in another and so on.

Roll it up

Rolling clothes uses much less room than folding and it will also stop creasing. Don’t just take our word for it! Try it. Seriously.

Smart cash hiding

Hide spare cash in empty cosmetic bottles like lip balm or sun cream. This is a great way to avoid flashing your cash and hopefully minimise the worst-case scenario of being robbed.

Sweet smells

Putting a scented drawer liner in your bag will help keep everything smelling nice and fresh. This is a necessity for long trips or backpacking when everything starts to smell a bit… odd… after a couple of weeks.

Liquid leak saver

Take the lids off liquid bottles and put a layer of cling-film over the opening before putting the lid back on. This will create a tighter seal and avoid that disastrous leakage all over everything. Ahhhh.

Dress yourself

When you’re almost done mentally dress yourself from socks up to hat, this will make sure you don’t miss something crucial like underwear in the panic of it all.

Top Tip: Before you head off on your travels make sure you check the Foreign Office for advice–https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel- advice

How To Write A Successful CV

The perfect CV writing set up…

We’ve all probably got a version of a CV under our belts already…

However, it’s often really hard to work out what you’re meant to be getting down on this piece of paper that can make the difference between getting a job and not. Here are some of our top tips to make the whole process a lot easier:

Spelling and grammar

Yes, it’s boring and everyone’s told you this before – but small errors could completely ruin your chances of getting that job. Check, check and check again. Top tip, use Grammarly for this – it’s a real life saver!

Tailor it

Tailor your CV to the specific job and company you’re applying to. For an example if it’s a marketing role, emphasise any marketing-related modules you’ve taken to really show off your experience. This is a must!

Keep it simple

Advice varies between having a CV on one or on two sides of A4 – however, whatever you’re aiming for, you should always keep it concise and clear. Bullet points are great for emphasising key skills and sub-headings are great to give the document structure.

Personal details

Include your name, address, phone number and email, as well as your LinkedIn account if you’ve got one. Remember you’re no longer required to disclose your birth date due to age discrimination laws!

Achievement over responsibilities

Always emphasise what you contributed and achieved in specific situations –don’t fall into the trap of just re-writing your job description or the activities you took part in.

Extra skills

Include any extra skills you may have learnt over the years such as languages, IT skills or First Aid qualifications; these are what can make you stand out from the competition.

Be confident

Remember your CV is your chance to show off all the skills and knowledge you’ve developed in your life so far. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up – but always back up claims with solid evidence.


For more serious roles, at a bank for an example, a well laid out page and a professional font will go a long way. However, if you’re applying for a more arts and design orientated role, an eye-catching design will really help show off your skills and make your CV stand out.

Now take these tips away and apply them to your own CV, you’ll see a huge difference and it will no doubt increase your employability. Good luck!


Campbell Property’s Cheap Travel Tips

Take us there now.

You’ve been saving your pennies all year for an unforgettable summer of travel…

So it seems a shame to blow the bank on the little things without even really realising! But, don’t worry, we have just the travel tips on how to make your money stretch that little bit further…

1. Pack light

Only bring what you absolutely need – paying for overweight baggage is a massive pain and definitely should be avoided. If you’re extremely savvy (and going for a short trip), try travelling with just hand luggage and avoid paying for checked bags altogether.

2. Self-catered accommodation

Eating is one of the biggest drains on a travel budget. By staying in a hostel with a kitchen or self-catered apartment, you can save loads of money on eating out and spend it on more important things!

3. Supermarket food

Staying on the theme of food, by shopping in a supermarket you can still experience local cuisine without spending a bomb. How about some cheese and fresh baguette for lunch in Paris? Yummm…

4. Travel apps

There are so many apps out there, by pre-downloading a few you can save money on guidebooks, maps and phrasebooks!

5. Travel like a local (and live like a local!)

Using taxis is a big no-no when it comes to travelling on a budget, try walking where you can or take public transport. Plus, you get to see and experience so much more of the place you are visiting – it’s a win-win! Save money on accommodation by checking out the local Airbnb’s, you can often get places in the heart of the city for a fraction of a central hotel’s price.

6. Book a train pass in advance

Buying a train pass in advance, especially if you know you’ll be travelling around a specific area, is crucial to making the most of your money. Bulk buying means the tickets are cheaper, and you don’t have the stress of waiting in long lines at train stations.

7. Stay away from the ATM

When you’re abroad, don’t withdraw any money from an ATM. You’ll probably get a poor exchange rate from your bank as well as being charged a fee for the withdrawal. No, thank you!

8. Take a friend

Travelling with a friend or in a group can be great for money saving. Double hotel rooms cost nearly the same as a single so why not split the cost? You can also split picnics, chores, and taxis when you have to, as well as having someone to share the memories with.

9. Haggle

Markets are often filled with amazing local products that you can’t find anywhere else, but they are notorious for ripping tourists off. You can still get some great deals but you need to remember that all prices are soft, so dust off your haggling skills and nab yourself some bargains!

10. Turn off 3G

Don’t get caught out, using your phone to access the web when abroad can lead to colossal charges if you’re not careful. To be extra safe, simply turning 3G off on your phone or putting it onto airplane mode will avoid the stress. Try an Internet café or a hotel with Wi-Fi if you need to check your emails or are desperate to post the perfect holiday ‘insta’.

Still haven’t decided where to go? Check out STA Travel, you’ll be amazed how cheap travelling to exotic places can be! Costa Rica? Don’t mind if we do…

The CP Festival Guide

Best. Vibes. Ever.

Festival season is almost upon us…

If you’re still stuck on where to go, here’s our run-down on some of the best Britain has to offer.

1. Isle of Wight Festival

This year celebrating “40 Years of Punk” the infectious carnival atmosphere is one of the best you can find. It’s big enough to attract some huge names but not so big you’ll have a breakdown every time you lose sight of your mates. This original festival from the 60s really has something for everyone, so it’s great for a big crowd with diverse musical tastes. Fun fact: the Isle of Wight festival is known to have the friendliest bouncers on the circuit.

2. Secret Garden Party

This boutique festival is both quirky and chilled out. This year’s ‘Gardeners Guide to the Galaxy’ theme is sure to be filled with hedonistic treats and uninterrupted fun. The line-up is mainly led by dance acts but is usually decent, however, what really attracts the crowds is the epic firework displays, paint fights and naked fields. SGP is also rumoured to have the fittest festival crowd around.

3. Boardmasters

Located on the sunny shores of Newquay, Cornwall, this festival combines music and surfing for a few days of summery fun. Watching the stunning sunsets is a definite highlight along with the energy of the young crowd and holiday ambience.

4. Bestival

The “Disneyland of music festivals”, Rob da Bank’s creation is a feast for the senses. Everything from the journey over to the Isle of Wight, to the wacky themes, makes this one a real adventure. It’s a great way to end the summer and show off your fancy dress creations in a beautiful playground setting.

5. Glastonbury

The big one. You’ll definitely have to go at some point in your life just to experience the absolute freedom that completely contrasts modern, civilised society. The sheer scale is like no other festival you’ll encounter, and Glastonbury has everything from massage tents to Block 9 (the party animal’s dream). This one is truly the mother of all parties.

6. BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

IT’S GOING TO BE IN EXETER!! Our Exeter tenants have really lucked out this year with their chance to go to this not quite free but super cheap (£8.50) festival. With Coldplay and Ellie Goulding headlining, if you were lucky enough to snap up a ticket, this weekend in Powderham Castle is sure to be a banger.

7. Reading/Leeds

Maybe we’ve grown out of this post-GCSE rite of passage or maybe we still love it. Attracting some huge headline acts as well as some of the hottest new bands around, this rock ‘n’ roll celebration will always be a classic. Who doesn’t love shouting ‘Alan’ into the small hours in the hopes of a return gesture of ‘Steve’?

8. Farr Festival

If boutique festivals are your thing, this edgy gem is definitely a small one but a magical one. It started out as a party between a group of mates with a make-shift stage, six years later it’s certainly not one to be missed.

9. Wildlife

Yep, it’s in an airport and yep, that’s really cool. Set up by Disclosure and Rudimental, they bring all their mates together for this big crazy rave on the South coast.

10. T in the Park

Put together by a brewery back in 1994, this is Scotland’s biggest festival. It has an element of Reading’s gig-in-a-field ambience along with Glasto’s debauchery- this will definitely be a weekend of madness.

If none of these take your fancy, don’t worry. The best thing about the UK festival scene is the variety! Check out The Telegraph’s selection for more inspiration.