Roath is the best student area in Cardiff

The area might not have the most fortunate of names, “Roath,” but any student that gets the chance to live in this area is certainly fortunate. It is one of the most popular student locations in Cardiff and is home to many of our houses. We shouldn’t be bias, but the homes on Malefant Street in Roath are our personal faves. If you are wanting to live basically next door to all of your other student mates, then Roath is the area for you. If you’re a fully fledged Cardiff student then you would have heard of it, so I’m not going to bore you on where it is, but what I am going to offer is an insight into the area and some hidden gems you might not have heard about.

Roath and all its delights

We all have those friends from home that go off to Uni in a big city and can’t imagine life existing outside the walls of Manchester! Well they’re wrong. Cardiff is a city full of culture, quirky cafes and numerous places where students can get a much-needed latte. You can find loads of these hidden gems in Roath, and what makes the area even better is most of the cafes and restaurants are independent.

Here are some cafes and restaurants in Roath that will help you prove to your friends there is more to Cardiff than sheep and rugby!

Stag Coffee

Good old David the owner of the Stag is on the same wave length as Cardiff students and prides himself on bringing people from all walks of life together. He knows that you are “craving something different,” so he brought something different to Roath. If you fancy the ultimate hangover breakfast and can’t be bothered to traipse round the streets of Roath to find anywhere, then look no further. They offer the best cooked breakfast, pancakes or a much needed sugar kick from there incredible milkshakes. To make this place even better they support the local community of Roath, sourcing ingredients from local businesses.

Stag CoffeeThe Hellenic Eatery

Searching for Mamma Mia vibes? Well you can have your own bit of Greece in Roath (minus the weather). This little gem offers an “alternative experience,” fancy eating some authentic Greek food while listening to some live Greek music? Basically like having Greece on your doorstep while living in Roath…win-win situation.


Yet another brilliant independent restaurant. Think wholesome foods without the food guilts. Although you can be eating a healthy meal, while drinking one of their lush cocktails…talk about having it all. You can even be extra healthy and walk here if you live in Roath. Will only take you 3 minutes if you live on Glenroy Street where we have some houses! Have a gander for yourself…


Falafel Kitchen

You know sometimes you go into somewhere not expecting great things, but you come out absolutely amazed…well this is one of those places. It might be a cosy little place, but the food is insane. Bold statement, but the best falafel I’ve ever tasted. The menu is straight and to the point, no frills just food. A great find in Roath and to make it better its right next to our fave Malefant Street.

Dominos (basic, but the best)

Late night munchies? Roath Dominos is open until 5am. Who doesn’t love dominos cookies for a 4am snack after a night our or all-nighter at the library.

Cheap shots and a good pint please!!

We all know what is top of most students list…Where is the nearest pub and where can I watch the football as we can’t afford Sky Sports?! Roath is not short of pubs or bars, so if you don’t want to venture into the main city centre and want to be able to stumble home at the end of the night then Roath is the place for you.


Is it a pub or is it a sports bar, this ones a bit of both. Large screens, cheap drinks and fantastic selection of fresh pizzas. This pub/bar is a great addition to Roath and the best place for students to go to watch the football and have a drink. Follow their twitter page, they offer some deals that are an absolute steal…Skint Wednesdays “ Classic burger and selected drink £6.99”?!?!

The Woodville PubWoodville

You can’t miss it if you go to Cardiff University, it is right on the corner, and will be on your route home if you lived in Roath. This pub is popular with students, offers cheap drinks, chilled vibes and there is even a beer garden for the summer. Straight up this is the pub to go to if you’re a student living in Roath. If you’re feeling lazy and you just can’t be bothered to cook then you can get something to eat at seriously low prices. “2 meals for £7.99” or “2 for 1 desserts,” absolute steal.

Roath Park

You can be shopping in the centre one minute and the next rowing a boat in Roath Park…what more do you want from life? Roath Park is a great place to go to run off that library stress or to run off a whole pack of Jaffa Cakes you ate unknowingly while writing an essay. Roath Park would be a great spot to have a picnic and a few ciders in the summer, post exams of course. Having a park like that right on your doorstep, add that to the ‘pros list’ of living in Roath.

Roath Lake

Sorry how close to the City Centre?!

Unlike many cities where it costs an arm and a leg to live anywhere near the city centre, if you’re a student in Cardiff then Roath is more affordable than many city centre location. It is only a 5 minute Uber ride into the centre of Cardiff. Just enough time for you to carry on the pre-drinks in the taxi, chant some ridiculous rugby song or to make a snapchat video of you all singing along to the radio, but not long enough to annoy your Uber driver.

If you’re feeling slightly energetic and start walking into the city centre, but get bored along the way, then you can the train from Cathay’s train station into the centre in 1 minute. Ultimate laziness, but we all have those days. Roath is certainly well connected.

So basically in short, if you’re a student then Roath is not only convenient, but you will never go hungry, never fail to find a well deserved pint (or 10) and most importantly not have to get 3 tains, 10 buses and have to walk miles to get into the city centre.