Things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day!

💖 How To Spend Valentines’ Day If You’re Single 💖

Here are five ways you can spend Valentines’ Day alone if you don’t already have plans:

1. Grab a friend a fake your way through the Valentines Couple Deals. 

Discounted dinner for two? 50% off a couple’s massage? The employees don’t need to know that you’re not actually dating…

2. Enjoy a netflix Marathon of all your favourite romantic comedies. 

All that’s left to do now is buy your favourite ice-cream, put on some matching Pj’s ad it’s the perfect, cosy, indoor date!

3. Treat yourself! 

Go do whatever you feel like doing that day. Want to a buy some new clothes in the sales? Do it. Want to order a takeaway? Do it. Wanna stay in and just watch TV? Do it.

4. Treat it like any other day!

Treat it like any other Thursday, because it is!

5. and Look forward to tomorrow!

…Because all Valentines chocolate will be 50% off!

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